Wemco Torque-Flow Pump Model C Cross Section

Wemco Torque-Flow Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity to: 1040 m3/hr
  • Head to: 56 metres
  • Temperature to: 83°C
  • Viscosities to: 200 cps

Recessed vortex impeller pump that will pass stringy and fibrous solids.. Materials of Ni hard and high chrome for high abrasives. Some models available in vertical cantilever configuration.

Grundfos Unlift AP Range

Grundfos Unlift CC-KP-AP-AP-B Series

Technical Data

  • Capacity: To 35 m³/h
  • Head: To 18m
  • Temp: 0°C to +55ºC

Drainage of flooded cellars, pumping of household wastewater, groundwater lowering, emptying of swimming pools and excavations, draining of drain wells, emptying of tanks and reservoirs

Grundfos UPS

Grundfos UPS Series

Technical Data

  • Capacity: To 70 m³/h
  • Head: To 18m 
  • Temp:  -10°C to +120ºC

Heating systems, domestic hot water systems, cooling and air conditioning systems

Roto-Jet VSR Pump

Roto-Jet VSR Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity to: 121.5 m3/hr
  • Head to: 1232 metres
  • Temperature to: 121°C
  • Viscosities to: 10 cps

Integral variable speed option with integral switch reluctance motor. Material options of ductile iron and 316 stainless

Sandpiper Wastewater W09 pump

Sandpiper W Flap Valve Waste Treatment Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 988 l/min
  • Pressure: To 8.6 bar
  • Temperature: To 100°C
  • Viscosities: To 25,000 cps
  • Sizes: 2” to 4”

Waste treatment pumps are specially fitted with swing check valves and easy access clean-outs. The pumps are designed specifically for slurry and solids-laden materials.

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