When your product is good for the ground but not for your pumps

One of our industrial customers uses pumps to transfer fluosilicic acid (FSA) at their processing plant.  When their centrifugal pumps proved unreliable they tried air-operated diaphragm pumps, which did the job well but the extended periods of continuous operation meant that an electrically-driven pump was preferable to minimise running costs.

A hose pump was then considered.  This style of pump is self-priming, can run dry without being damaged, can handle solids and slurries as well as maintaining a consistent flow in duties with highly variable discharge pressure.

A hose pump had been used in another part of the plant before so one was tried on FSA and proved successful.  It was decided that hose pumps were the best option for the application and so Kelair offered a pump from our Albin ALH-Series.  This was an alternative to the brand that had previously been tried on-site, but the promise of a high-quality pump at a much more affordable price made it hard to overlook.

The Albin ALH50 pump was purchased and installed and was found to exceed the customer’s expectations. Not only did the Albin pump provide significant savings in the initial capital cost and ongoing savings due to affordably-priced parts, but it also gave greater hose life than the competitor’s pump – thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

Following the great success of the first Albin hose pump installation a second pump was installed and this has also performed admirably.  A third pump is soon to be installed and any future pumps required on the site for similar applications will be sourced from the trusty Albin ALH-Series.

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