Viking Create New Chocolate Pump

The Viking 224A-CHC series is a new range of cast iron, jacketed pumps designed especially for Chocolate. Featuring a patent-pending back pull-out O-Ring Seal Bushing (OSB) with double O-Ring Seals, this pump will increase efficiency, increase plant hygiene and reduce slip and fall hazards.

The new OSB design is lubricated with food grade grease instead of chocolate for long life and requires no special clearances. Unlike the previous packing design that Viking utilised for their chocolate pumps the new O-Ring designs are more tolerant of abuse and do not need periodic re-tensioning.

Previous internal gear pump design had a separate shaft or bracket bush as well as a stuffing box with mechanical seal or gland packing. But not the new OSB design. This new and innovative design has just one-piece bushing, integrated with a seal gland that when bolted down holds the bushing firmly in place. Furthermore, this one-piece houses multiple lip seals and food grade grease, which not only supports and lubricates the shaft but also acts as a seal preventing the chocolate from leaking out.

The design focus was to create a more standardised pump that could be used universally throughout the manufacturing process. So, what was achieved?

  • Leak Prevention – Patent pending back pull-out O-Ring Seal Bushing with double O-Ring Seals. This prevents leakage of chocolate or cocoa butter along the shaft.
  • Drilled Idler – hardened iron bushing, extra clearance and holes drilled through the ensure flow between idler and pin. Most importantly this prevents the chocolate from burning.
  • Flush and suck back grooves on the casing create flow behind the rotor and eliminate build-up.
  • High-strength steel or ductile iron rotors to handle the high viscosities
  • Hardened iron bushings and steel shafts minimize wear.
  • No packing – which eliminates over-tightening problems
  • Cost of replacing four O-Ring seals is negligible compared to the cost of mechanical seals in the old design.
  • Simple Maintenance – O-Rings are replaceable with the pump in-place, jack screws in seal kits help for easy OSB removal

For chocolatiers that already use Viking’s packed chocolate pumps, there are now conversion packs available that will easily change your existing pump to the double O-Ring Seal design

Talk to Kelair today about your conversion pack!

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