Oil & Gas

Truflo TSMP Series Pump Cross Section

Truflo TSMP API 610 Multistage BB3

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 500 m³/hr
  • Head: To  1150 metres
  • Temperature: To 360°C

Oil and gas production, petroleum rerining, petroleum pipelines

Truflo TSP Series Cross Section

Truflo TSP API 610 Single Stage

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 1600 m³/hr
  • Head: To  250 metres
  • Temperature: To 371°C

Oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petroleum pipelines

Sandpiper UL Series pump

Sandpiper UL Metallic Ball Valve Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 170 l/min
  • Head: To 7.0 bar
  • Temperature: To 100°C
  • Viscosities: To 25,000 cps
  • Sizes: 1”

UL Series pumps are designed to meet UL79 standards for diaphragm pumps handling flammable liquids, such as fuels and oils. Fully groundable to prevent static discharge.

Viking Universal Seal, Heavy Duty Pump

Viking Universal Seal Heavy Duty Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 345 m³/hr
  • Pressure: To 14 bar
  • Temperature: -85°C to 425°C
  • Viscosities: To 440,000 cSt

Heavy duty, foot-mounted pumps with enlarged bearing housing enables seal replacement without removing the pump. Seal housing designed for all seal types and manufactures without machining

Roto-Jet VSR Pump

Roto-Jet VSR Series

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity to: 121.5 m3/hr
  • Head to: 1232 metres
  • Temperature to: 121°C
  • Viscosities to: 10 cps

Integral variable speed option with integral switch reluctance motor. Material options of ductile iron and 316 stainless

Corken PZ Petroleum Pump

Corken Z / PZ / PT Petroleum Pump

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 80 m³/hr
  • Pressure: To 8.6 bar
  • Temperature: To 149°C
  • Viscosities: To 4, 250 cps

Typical applications include petroleum products, delivery trucks and stationary installations for petroleum refined products and solvents.

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