Pulsafeeder : ECLIPSE Non Metallic Gear

An ideal fit for many medium to highly corrosive liquids, covering the entire pH scale.

The Eclipse Series represents a dramatic advance in pump technology. Combining proven design principles with patented features, Eclipse pumps are reliable, simple, and intuitive. Structurally rugged with corrosion-resistant materials.

The innovative technology behind Eclipse supports its ability to handle the most corrosive chemicals with a simple to service, front pull-out design. Eclipse is available with wetted components in completely non-metallic construction, 316LSS, or Alloy C (this ensures corrosion resistance over a wide range of chemicals and temperatures.) These pumps are magnetically driven to eliminate mechanical seal wear and leak paths. The patented bearing design promotes constant hydrodynamic lubrication.

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 1.7 l/hr
  • Head: To 10.3 bar
  • Temperature: To -40°C
  • Viscosities: To 10,000 cps

Non metallic gear pump ideal fit for medium to highly corrosive liquids in chemical and water treatment industries.  Can be used as metering pumps utilising 10.1 speed turndown by frequency inverters or vector drives.

E2, E5, E12, E25, E75/125

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