Kral : M Series

Applied to deliver lubricating oil, fuel oil and other lubricating fluids.

Kral M series screw pumps are self priming, positive displacement pumps. Through the special profile of the three screw, sealed chambers are being built. by means of the principle the pumps deliver continuously , without violent pressure and turbulance, through rotation from suction side to pressure side.  Main areas of application are in all ranges of industry e.g. pumps in the oil burning industry, transfer pumps in the loading and unloading service, lubricating pumps in the marine industry and fuel oil service. 

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: 3 to 440 l/min
  • Pressure: To 40 bar
  • Temperature: -40°C to 180°C
  • Viscosities: To 10,000 cps

Pumps for the oil burning industry, transfer pumps in loading and unloading service, lube pumps in the marine industry, hydraulic, machinery, and fuel oil service.

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