Sandpiper : Phoenix High Pressure Metallic Series

High Pressure Pumps Provide Enhanced Power in Applications Where Pressure is Paramount

Air-Powered Single Diaphragm High Pressure Metallic Pumps deliver discharge pressure twice the inlet pressure, up to 250 PSI (17.2 BAR). Designed for filter press feed and applications requiring higher discharge pressures. Available in Aluminum, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel with various elastomer options. The Blagdon N25 and N50 High Pressure Pumps provide enhanced power in applications where pressure is paramount and flow rate is an issue. Using two air chambers to double the air per stroke, these pumps achieve discharge pressure up to 238 PSI (16 Bar) with flow rates as high as 30 gallons per minute for N25 and as high as 90 GPM (341 LPM) with N50.

Performance Criteria:

  • Capacity: To 95 l/min
  • Pressure: To 17.2 bar
  • Temperature: To 100°C
  • Viscosities: To 25,000 cps
  • Sizes: 2”

Models :
EH2-M Metallic 2" NPT, SH2-M Metallic 2" NPT

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