Roto-Jet : RO Series

High head version available in ductile iron, steel, 316 stainless, CD4MCu, Hastelloy and super duplex. API version available

The advantages of using the Roto-Jet RO series pump over others is clear. It is simple and rugged in design, containing only two working parts. Its simple and unique design also translates to reduced parts inventory. It is easy to service as all internal parts, including the mechanical seal are readily accessible, thus the mechanical seal is easily maintained and replaced. Pump performance is adjusted simply by changing the speed of the rotating case and/or by changing the size of the pick-up tube. 

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity to: 174 m3/hr
  • Head to: 1585 metres
  • Temperature to: 121°C
  • Viscosities to: 10 cps

High head version available in ductile iron, steel, 316 stainless,  CD4MCu, Hastelloy and super duplex. API version available

RO, RO D-850

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