Sandpiper : Evolution S30 Non-Metallic

Optimized performance without sacrificing proven reliability, the S30 non-metallic has undergone an engineering evolution

The new S30 Non-Metallic Standard Duty Ball Valve Pump is the best choice forbulk chemical transfer applications:

  • Corrosion resistant Polypropylene or PVDF
  • Class leading maximum flow rate and efficiency
  • ESADS+ Air Distribution System. The only pump in its class with an externally serviceable air distribution system
  • Backed by the best technical support available anywhere

The EVOLUTION badge means optimized performance without sacrificing proven reliability. These pumps have undergone an engineering EVOLUTION, leveraging trusted product designs and improving their performance by applying advanced engineering methods.

Performance Criteria

Capacity: To 1060 l/min
Pressure: To 8.6 bar
Viscosities: Highly viscous
Solids handling: To 19mm

Standard Duty Non-Metallic Pumps are ideally suited for continuous, intermittent/on demand operation, are portable, will handle moderately abrasive fluids and suspended solids without damage.

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