Albin: Pump Overview

Albin Pump SAS designs, manufactures and markets, a wide variety of positive displacement pumps. Located in Montélimar (26 – France), Albin Pump has over 30 years experience in pumping solution and offer 4 ranges of volumetric pumps:
- High pressure hose pumps (up to 15 bar and 200 m3/h)
- Low pressure peristaltic pumps (up to 4 bar and 10 m3/h)
- Air Operated Floating Diaphragm pumps (up to 7 bar and 8 m3/h)
- Rubber lobe pumps (up to 5 bar and 300 m3/h)
The pumps provide from ALBIN PUMP are used to transfer fluids with or without particles whatever the industry, may it be: slurry, oil, sandy water, leachate, polymer, several acids, foodstuff, paints, molasses, lime milk, hydrocarbon or sea water.

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