Selection Tools

Here you will find a range of pump selection programs from our key brands available either as an online program or a desktop files

These programs allow customers to make quick, accurate pump selections and to produce PDF output of the performance curve and data. Pump selections can be made by inputting specific operating conditions or by selecting specific pump sizes.

Please note these pump selection programs are for estimating purposes only. Your selections should be confirmed with us. Also, while these tools contain a great number of options, they are not always comprehensive of all the pump applications that Kelair Pumps can offer. If you do not find the selections you are looking for please contact your local sales branch for application assistance.

Internet Based Selection Tools

These internet based programs do not require any special software to be loaded onto the user’s computer and are easily accessible online.

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Goulds Water Techology

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Tru Flo


Viking Pump


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Desktop Version Selection Tools

Desktop versions are available via PDF to download which allows a user to save the selection resources locally on their computer.

Pump Brand    




Not sure what pump you need for your specific application? Let us help.
A fundamental review of fluid characteristics, intended installation, and duty requirements are recommended for “best fit” design selections,
whether measuring mean time between failures, repairs, changes or maintenance. Download a PDF version of this pump selection chart,
please click the link to the right.




If you have any questions about making selections, you can contact one of our knowledgable staff in your area.

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