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Kelair Pumps Australia offers a number of online services, and one of the services we provide are videos, presenting product information and service instructions conveniently. These videos show product introductions, how to install, dismantle and service your pumps, find documentation, and much more, with new features continually being added. Check the Kelair Pumps Australia website regularly for updates.

  • Lowara: Introducing the Lowara eSV Series

    Lowara has enhanced its line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with its e-SV models.

    The e-SV pumps feature an innovative hydraulic design and highly efficient motor that lowers lifecycle costs and increases energy savings. The pumps are suited for many commercial and industrial applications.

    The new design also reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to remove the motor. The mechanical seal can also be replaced without dissembling the pump.

    The e-SV pumps' stainless steel construction and NSF certification meet municipalities' requirements for pure water while providing corrosion resistance and easy installation.

    The e-SV pump can be used in a wide variety of applications including water supply and pressure boosting, water treatment, light industry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and irrigation and farming.

  • Lowara: eSV mechanical seal replacement

    This is a video showing the ease of seal replacement on the Lowara e-SV series of stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps. The models feature an innovative hydraulic design and highly efficient motor that significantly lowers lifecycle costs and increases energy savings. The pumps are also suited for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Repair Small Lowara eSV products

    How to replace Lowara e-SV spacers, O-rings, wear rings and mechanical seals. Valid for: 1SV to 5SV all range, 10SV to 22SV lower than 5.5 kW.

  • Repair Mechanical seal and O ring replacement on small Lowara eSV products

    How to replace the mechanical seal and the O-ring on small Lowara e-SV products by removing the motor. Valid for: 1SV to 5SV all range, 10SV to 22SV lower than 5.5kW.

  • Lowara Repair Lowara eSV large products

    How to replace spacers, O-rings, wear rings and mechanical seals on large Lowara e-SV pumps. Valid for: 10SV to 22SV above 5.5 kW, 33SV to 92SV all range.

  • Repair Mechanical seal and O ring replacement on large Lowara eSV pumps

    How to replace mechanical seal and O-ring on large Lowara e-SV pumps without removing the motor. Valid for: 10SV to 22SV above 5.5 kW, 33SV to 92SV all range.

  • Repair Lowara eSV 125SV1

    How to replace spacers, O-rings, wear rings and mechanical seals on the Lowara 125SV.


  • Repair Mechanical seal and O ring replacement on Lowara 125SV

    How to replace mechanical seal and O-ring on Lowara e-SV 125SV without removing the motor.

  • Lowara eHM Pressure Boosting Promotional Video Shower

    Living with bad water pressure? The unique hydraulic design and versatility of the Lowara e-HM pump enables customer requirements to be met across a wide range of residential applications whilst remaining almost silent. 

  • Lowara eHM Multistage Pumps Promotional Video Cyclists

    Lowara introduced a new range of stainless steel, horizontal, multi-stage pumps designed for residential applications.

  • Xylect: How to select a booster set

    Xylect Online Selection Program: In this video we are going to make a complete selection of one of our Booster set series.

  • Hydrovar: Variable speed controller

    Attendees of the 2012 Mostra Convegno in Milan were excited to see the many ways in which they can save energy, money, and equipment wear and tear with Lowara's pump-mounted Hydrovar variable-speed drives.

  • Viking XPD 676 Pump



  • Viking XPD 676 Bearing Replacement

    Details on how to replace the bearing on a Viking XPD 676 Pump


  • Sandpiper: How Containment Duty Pumps work

    Details on how Sandpiper Containment Duty pumps work.


  • Sandpiper: How does a SANDPIPER AODD Pump Work?

    This video explains how an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump operates.


  • Albin: Pump Presentation

    Albin Pump SAS designs, manufactures and markets, a wide variety of positive displacement pumps.
    Located in Montélimar (26 – France), ALBIN PUMP has over 30 years experience in pumping solution and offer 4 ranges of volumetric pumps:
    - High pressure hose pumps (up to 15 bar and 200 m3/h)
    - Low pressure peristaltic pumps (up to 4 bar and 10 m3/h)
    - Air Operated Floating Diaphragm pumps (up to 7 bar and 8 m3/h)
    - Rubber lobe pumps (up to 5 bar and 300 m3/h)

    The pumps provide from ALBIN PUMP are used to transfer fluids with or without particles whatever the industry (slurry, oil, sandy water, leachate, polymer, several acids, foodstuff, paints, molasses, lime milk, hydrocarbon, sea water, etc…)

    The peristaltic principle offers a lot of benefits and advantages in comparison with other technologies (full self-priming up to -9.8 m, damage-free continuous dry running, reversible, ATEX certification, reduction of the maintenance costs, shear-sensitive fluids,…), often used in replacement of progressive cavity pumps in water treatment industry for instance.

  • Sandpiper: S15, S20 & S30 AODD Pumps Air End Kit Installation

    This video demonstrates how to install the air end kit for Warren Rupp Sandpiper S15, S20 and S30 Series Pumps. Use this video in conjunction with the manual supplied with the pump. If you do not have a manual contact Springer Pumps and we will gladly supply you with one. All Sandpiper repair kits and parts are available from Springer Pumps.

  • Pulsafeeder: Priming your pump

    Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series - Priming your pump, will assist you the best method to prime your metering pump.

  • Sandpiper: S15, S20 & S30 AODD Pumps Wet End Kit Installation

    Details on how to install a Wet End Kit into your S15, S20 and S30 Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump.

  • Bornemann: Rotating Twin Screw Assembly and Operation



  • Bornemann: Twin Screw Pump Operation - Cutaway



  • Goulds Pump i-Frame Overview



  • Grundfos CME Install Guide

    A Grundfos guide to installing and commissioning your CME booster pump set.

    The Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming is a compact booster pump designed for domestic and light industrial use. The booster unit consists of a robust multistage centrifugal pump and a generator friendly PM1 or PM2 Pressure Manager.The Pressure Manager allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand and protects the pump from dry running. The CM Booster Self-Priming is the perfect solution if you are struggling with insufficient mains pressure,and can also be used with above or below groundwater sources.

  • Grundfos Service Video - CR, CRI, CRN



  • Kral API Pumps for Oil & Gas

    High quality three screw pumps for the oil and gas industry. 

    Positive displacement pumps with excellent intake capabilities and low pulsation transmission. Kral Pumps constructed to conform with API designed for the oil and gas industry.

  • Kral Magnetic Coupling Pumps

    Magnetic coupled pumps from Kral are maintenance free, hermetically sealed and can be used at temperatures of up to 300 °C. Additionally, the lifespan of the ball bearings is considerably extended.

  • Wemco Model C Torque-Flow Pumps

    With its unmatched durability and performance for grit-handling and slurry, the Wemco Model C Torque-Flow pump line is an industry standard for punishing applications such as mining, dredging and sewerage treatment.

  • Viking The Hygienic Series

    Presenting the new Hygienic Series, from Viking Pump, the first ever hygienic internal gear pump. Safe for use within hygienic markets, such as food, chocolate, and confectionery, the Hygienic Series revolutionizes the internal gear and hygienic markets.

  • Viking Pump Motor Promotion

    Presenting the new Motor Speed, from Viking Pump, with technological advances in the science of flow providing motor speed operation to 350 gpm.

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