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Kelair Pumps Australia have the capability to custom-build a complete pump system to your specifications. Whatever your application requirements, 'When Pump Knowledge Matters' talk to Kelair.
- Building and Fire: Kelair specialises in high-rise applications, cold water boosters, variable-speed pressure systems and hot water circulators. we can also provide the full range of fire protection hydrants, sprinklers and combined systems complying to AS2941, AS2419.1 and AS2118.6
- Environmental: Kelair supplies a range of packaged sewage treatment plants, stand-alone all-in-one systems suitable for applications involving 30-500 people to individual households. Other products include packaged sewage and stormwater pumping stations, grease arrestors and coalescing plate separators.
- Industrial: Kelair Pumps specialises in industrial pumps and pump packages for the mining, mineral, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, paints, inks, adhesives, power, water, wastewater, and industry in general.

Kelair Fire Diesel Hydrant Pump

Kelair Diesel & Electric Hydrant Booster Pumps

Kelair offers fully-compliant AS2941, fully-packaged hydrant booster pumps complete will fully-valved suction and discharge manifolds and by-pass line. Packaged systems provide simple installation. All units are factory tested prior to delivery and are backed by Kelair’s field service technicians.

  • NFPA 20 & FM Approved Versions also avaible
  • Annubar test lines
  • Pressure-sustaining / relief valves
  • Onsite Commissioning
  • On Site Flow Tests
  • Automatic and manual jacking pumps
Kelair Fire Hose Reel Jack Pump

Kelair Fire Hose Reel & Jacking Pumps

These units boost water to fire hose reels as and when it is needed. Built to AS 2941 they are supplied as a complete package.

  • Compliance with AS2941 available
  • Galvanised base frame
  • Discharge isolating valve
  • Hydro-pneumatic pressure gauge
  • Suction check valve
  • Special two-way valve


  • Weatherproof units
  • Flow switch control
  • Integrated by-pass pipework and valves
  • Inching button
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Kelair Fire Sprinkler Pumpsets

A complete range of fire sprinkler pumpsets for applications such as high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings, hospitals, mine sites, industrial factories and processing plants.
Units can be supplied to comply with the following standards:

  • AS2941/AS2118
  • NFPA20 and FM approved versions also available
  • ESFR and High-hazard systems
  • Fully-valved suction and discharge manifolds
  • Annubar test lines
  • Pressure sustaining / relief valves
  • Annubar jacking pumps
  • On-site commissioning
Blivet Aerotor01

Kelair Kelair-Aerotor™ Biozone Plant

The Kelair-Aerotor™ range is an established biological system for highly efficient process reduction of BOD and Ammonia.

The flexibility of the Aerotor™ makes it especially suitable as an add-on to a septic tank or an overloaded sewage treatment plant to increase biological treatment capacity works.

Blivet Package01

Kelair Kelair-Blivet™ NR Biological Nutrient Removal Plant

The Kelair-Blivet NR™ (Nutrient Removal) is a stand-alone, all-in-one, packaged sewage-treatment plant utilising the same technology as the standard Kelair-Blivet but with an additional integrated de-nitrification module. Chemical phosphorous reduction is an add-on option.
Additional tertiary treatments such as effluent disinfection and fine media filtration are available as options. The Kelair-Blivet NR™ may be placed above ground or buried to deck level.

Blivet Package Multiple

Kelair Kelair-Blivet™ Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

The Kelair-Blivet™ is a stand-alone packaged sewage treat-ment plant comprising primary settlement, aerobic zone, final settlement (humus tank) and sludge storage.


  • Environmentally-sensitive sites
  • Townships & villages
  • High-rise development
  • Resorts & remote sites
Blivet Boxer

Kelair Kelair-Boxer

The Kelair Boxer is a pre-fabricated packaged sewage treatment plant suitable for the treatment of domestic sewage produced by population equivalents from 5 to 50 domestic residents. The Boxer compliments the Kelair-Blivet™ which is suitable for populations from 30 to 500.

Kelair Lowara Booster Sets

Kelair Pump Packages

At Kelair Pumps we specialise in designing and manufacturing diverse pump packages to meet your specific needs. These range from simple protective frames to complete systems.

Wilden Spare Parts

Wilden Spare Parts

Kelair stocks and supplies the complete range of genuine & high quality aftermarket Wilden spare parts at competitive prices.

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