Kelair : Kelair-Blivet™ Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

The Kelair-Blivet™ is a stand-alone, all-in-one packaged sewage treatment plant suitable for populations from 30 to 500.

Multiple units in parallel can be used for higher populations. The unit comprises primary settlement, aerobic biological treatment, final settlement and sludge storage.

The Kelair-Blivet™ range is an established and innovative system for highly efficient process reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and Suspended Solids (S.S.). It combines the best features of existing rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology with the additional advantage of active aeration without the use of blowers.

Tertiary treatments such as effluent, disinfection, and media filtration are available as options. The Kelair-Blivet™ may be placed above-ground, or buried to deck level.

Features and Benefits:

  • Requires minimal site works and minimum space. We believe the Blivet is the most compact design availa-ble worldwide. For example, the BL4000, which can treat up to 400EP at 230L/EP/day and 55gBOD/EP/day, has a footprint of 10.9m x 2.27m
  • The design is adaptable. Multiple units can be installed in a staged manner to cater for increased demand over the life of an application i.e. a residential development expands
  • The power requirements for Blivets are low. For example, the largest model of Blivet offered in Australia, the BL4000, requires only a 0.75kW geared motor and a 0.55kW pump which operates 2min/hr
  • The Blivet range is designed to fit within standard container size dimensions, for ease of transport by road, rail or sea
  • The unit does not use a blower system, reducing operational noise, and further noise reduction is achieved due to the unit being enclosed
  • The design of the Blivet allows it to be relocated if required
  • Specialist operators are not required, as all maintenance and running tasks can be performed by general maintenance staff


  • Environmentally-sensitive sites
  • Townships & villages
  • High-rise development
  • Resorts & remote sites

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