Albin Peristaltic Pump and Hose Pump

Albin Pump designs, manufactures and markets, for several decades, a variety of technologies of positive displacement pumps: high and low pressure peristaltic pumps and hose pumps. They offer a high level of efficiency and innovative solutions for a multitude of applications.

Albin Pump serves the following markets: mining, paint & ink, pulp & paper, resins and adhesives, wastewater, food/sanitary, marine, transport, and chemical process

Albin Pump put its 33 years of know-how and experience to contribute to improve the competitiveness of our clients in their fluid transfer’s processes. Albin Pump provides pumping solutions that will help you to produce more efficiently by reducing the costs of maintenance and non-production time.

The wide variety of pumping solutions we offer can meet all the requirements of our customers. All Albin peristaltic pumps are manufactured in our in France.

Albin ALH80 Pump

Albin ALH Hose Pumps

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 155l/min
  • Pressure: To 15 bar
  • Temperature: To 50°C
  • Viscosities: To 100,000 cps

Mining, Thickener Underflow, Pulp & Paper, Filter Press, Brewery, Water Treatment, Quarry, Grout, Waste Liquids

Albin ALP Peristaltic Pump

Albin ALP Tube Pumps

Performance Criteria

  • Capacity: To 11.4 l/min
  • Pressure: To 4 bar
  • Temp: 100ºC
  • Viscosities: To 15000 cps

Pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, chemical, personal products, water treatment

Albin Hoses

Albin Hoses

  • Use the best available quality rubber to have the best abrasion resistance
  • Vulcanized with a 0.5 mm tolerance on their wall thickness
  • Same quality rubber for the entire thickness of the hose decreasing the chance of delaminating between the reinforced lays
  • Hoses are available in 7 materials: NR, NBR, EPDM, Hypalon, FKM, NR food grade, NBR food grade
  • Available to fit Bredel, Verdeflex, King Cobra (Blackmer), and other brands of hose pumps

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