10 to 1 Chance

Beneath a sewage treatment plant in Central Queensland, water contaminated with highly corrossive sulphuric acid had eaten its way through ten (10) submersible pumps, one after the other. It is time to find an alternative solution.

This major sewage treatment plant in Central Queensland has a below ground pit installed in a bunded area that prevents overflow of storm water into a creek that runs beside the treatment plant. The water is contaminated with sulphuric acid from an odour control process making the water highly corrosive.

The client had installed and replaced ten (10) submersible pumps prior to calling Kelair out to investigate the problem. The installed submersible pump which had failed was removed from the pit and it was found that more than 50% of the pump had corroded away due to the highly corrosive dilute sulphuric acid.

Kelair proposed the installation of an Albin hose pump. As the liquid is contained within the hose, there is no liquid contact with metals of any type. The Albin pump is also sealless, eliminating possible seal leaks. Being self-priming, the pump could be surface-mounted eliminating the confined space issues normally associated with submersible pumps.

The final design utilised an Albin model ALP17 mounted on an epoxy coated stainless steel sub base. Operation was through a simple start/stop controller with auto/manual function that was actuated by a float arrangement, compatible with the liquid, that was installed in the pit.

PVC piping was used to connect to the existing pipe system to get the system back up and running again.

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