Altering existing equipment for better performance

A Victorian Solvent Processing Facility had been battling with failing diaphragm pumps, unable to keep them leak-free for more than nine-months at a time. Replacement costs were a continual problem and the hassle of repairs kept site performance at a standstill.

According to Frank Molinaro, Sales Engineer at Kelair Pumps Australia, the problem on site was the type of diaphragm used within each Sandpiper S15 Metallic Air-Operated Diaphragm pump.

“As the pumps were first installed over ten years ago, each had been originally fitted with Teflon diaphragms.

“Unfortunately, Teflon has poor elastomeric capabilities in comparison to other diaphragm materials, meaning that the flex-life of the diaphragm is relatively short. Because of this, each diaphragm had to be frequently replaced.

“Teflon diaphragms also require two separate parts, a rubber diaphragm and the Teflon overlay. Individually these parts are expensive, and as they are both required for a single pump, replacement costs are large,” said Mr Molinaro.

Processing over 10,000 litres of solvent per day, failure of these Teflon diaphragms at the facility meant that solvent would begin leaking out of the exhaust of the pump. This was a major health and safety risk, as the solvents being processed were highly flammable.

To solve the problem, Kelair supplied the processing facility with Santoprene diaphragms to replace the existing Teflon ones.

“Santoprene diaphragms have far better elastomeric capabilities and do not require an overlay diaphragm to install.

“These one-part diaphragms are significantly more cost effective than the Teflon diaphragms - almost half the cost in total.

The result

According to Mr Molinaro, since the new pumps were installed, the facility has seen some fantastic results, with the pumps lasting longer than a full year.

“With replacements only required every year or so, reliability of the pumps has definitely been achieved.

“In this instance, the client was so pleased with our service and expertise that they have continued to choose Kelair when selecting new pumps and equipment,” said Mr Molinaro.

The Kelair difference

The team at Kelair strive to find the best solutions for their customers, depending on their specific pumping issues.

“We take a holistic approach in solving customer problems. We draw upon our many years of experience in dealing with customer problems to come up with solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

“We don’t simply tell clients to buy new and expensive products. Instead, we look at existing equipment and make valuable changes to help the customer achieve their goals as cost-effectively as possible.”

For more information on Sandpiper Diaphragm Pumps please contact Frank Molinaro on 0416 205 630 or your local Kelair office on 1300 789 466.

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