Collaboration in design of pumping solution

Instead of simply increasing their pump stocks, an equipment-hire company got the opportunity to collaborate with experts on a package specifically designed to meet the needs of the business.

Kelair arranged the package for its client, which hires out equipment to customers predominantly in the chemical industry and regional councils.

The client, which was based in Kwinana, WA, needed a set of versatile pumps that could handle the diverse range of applications its customers needed.

Kelair supplied an order of 49 Sandpiper 1”, 2”, and 3” air-operated diaphragm pumps in roll frames to the client’s WA, SA and NT stores.

Kelair Industrial Sales Engineer for WA, Michael Waters, said the package was tailored to the specific needs of the equipment-hire company.

“We do similar packages, such as pumps in roll frames, but this was really tailored to their individual requirements,” Mr Waters said.

The Sandpiper pumps were mounted in roll cages for stability, painted to the client’s specifications and had asset numbers mounted on each frame.

The Sandpipers operate using compressed air, and Kelair supplied the regulator that manages ingressing air and controls the pumps’ flow. Kelair also provided all the tubing so the air could be hooked straight into the pump.

The lifting lugs were rated according to tonnage, so as to easily determine loading capacity.

“They needed the lugs to be rated so they could lift them on and off the trucks and onto sites easily and safely,” Mr Waters said.

Collaborating on package development
The client wanted to increase and upgrade its stock holdings as its older pumps were either in need of repair or unserviceable.

Mr Waters sat down with the company’s representatives and they designed the rig together according to the company’s needs.

“We had regular visits and meetings with key personnel to look at the different options and to determine which materials would best suit their needs.”

After consultation, they decided to go with a polypropylene construction with a Santoprene diaphragm, which could handle a light chemical application.

Mr Waters said, “We agreed on this setup as it was more versatile than other builds and could suit a better range of potential applications.”

As part of the package, Mr Waters provided the client with training, including presentations, product folders, and a hands-on demonstration to staff in Kwinana.

Mr Waters said the client was very happy with the product, the training, and Kelair’s expertise during the entire process.

Since the deal, Kelair has continued to provide technical assistance and spare parts for the equipment.

“The client has been very satisfied with the service and we have maintained a positive, ongoing relationship,” Mr Waters said.

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