Don’t let your pump selection put you in hot water

Kelair Pumps in Perth were contacted by a power station regarding an issue with ageing feed water recirculation pumps. The existing pumps were quite old so in order to prevent the customer waiting for lengthy lead time on parts and the high cost of repair, the collective decision was made to source suitable replacements instead.

The pumps were required to handle high purity water with amine dosing at a temperature of 125°C. Various pump options were assessed for this particular application and our Kelair Perth team settled on the most viable option, Lowara 125SV08 Vertical Multistage Pumps with special high temperature mechanical seals that can handle temperatures of up to 150°C.

Industrial Sales Engineer for WA, Michael Waters said “Kelair’s offer included high efficiency IP66 rated motors complete with rain hats, as units were mounted outside and the environment was harsh. Together with the pumps, this made the units very efficient, which met the request from our client”.

The best choice comes with variety
Lowara e-SV rangeThe Lowara Vertical Multistage Pumps stood out as the best choice as they come with 316 stainless steel impellers, diffusers and outer sleeves to suit the high purity water, whereas the standard pumps come with 304 stainless steel internals. The efficient design e-SV pumps also allow removal of the mechanical seal without having to remove the motor, reducing service time for the client.

“Variety in models assists us in selecting the perfect pumps to cater to varied client requirements” said Michael.

The SV range has 11 different models available, starting from the small 1SV pumps that deliver approximately 2m3/hr to the 125SV that deliver up to 160m3/hr with heads up to 330m.

Reliable solution results in further replacements
Once Kelair had received the initial order for one pump from our client, Kelair produced a general arrangement drawing for approval then our production facility in NSW fitted the high efficiency motors to the bar shaft pumps and shipped completed pumps secured in crates direct to our Perth client.

Michael Waters said “The Power Station was highly satisfied with the way the pumps perform.” As Kelair was able to assist our client with the initial order, they have proceeded to order the remaining two pumps for their site.

For more information and technical specifications about the Lowara e-SV multi-stage verticle pumps click here.

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