Global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, there is a Viking pump to suit just about every application. Viking are leading the way in Research and Development when it comes to positive displacement pumps.

Why choose Viking?

Manufacturing and distributing quality industrial pumps and pump solutions since 1911, Viking Pumps are a world leader in research and design when it comes to positive displacement pumps. Their range encompasses far more than the other gear pump manufacturers.

Most pump companies talk about being innovative, but Viking have been the industry innovator since they first invented the "gear-within-a-gear" principle over a century ago. Here are a few examples of their industry-leading engineering developments:

  • Close-Coupled Motor Speed pump (compact)
  • Heavy Duty Universal Seal pump (with multiple component options to handle a wide range of services)
  • Jacketed Bitumen Gear pumps, and Electrically Heated Gear pumps
  • Abrasive Liquids pump
  • API-676 fully compliant, and partially compliant gear pumps
  • Hygienic Food Grade Gear pumps
  • Mag-Drive Heavy Duty and Motor-speed pumps
  • External Gear High Pressure pumps – single and double pumps
  • Mag Drive External gear pumps
  • General Purpose Gear pumps (close-coupled and long-coupled variations)
  • Plastic & Composite Material chemical handling gear pumps
  • Ammonia & LPG pumps
  • Innovations and Adaptations to improve longevity in challenging services.
  • Plus, a range of 316SS sliding vane pumps, and industrial rotary lobe pumps.
  • With an extensive technical data base that covers the characteristics of internal component material options, required to perform under the most arduous of conditions.

Viking Pump has the experience and product options to solve your fluid handling challenges. They are experienced in thousands of liquids that allow them to deliver proven solutions matched to your application.

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