Kelair creates “high speed blender” for explosive plants

The APHOS75 Homogenising Pumps were created by Kelair Pumps in collaboration with highly skilled and experienced engineers within the Australian Explosives Industry to solve a problem. The problem being that the alternative product was too expensive to source from overseas and the competitor explosive manufacturer OEM equipment was not available for purchase to other explosives manufacturers.

The unit origins are based on the then existing very successful Kelair HLR Range of Pumps. One size was selected as the basis, this being the 75mm or 3-inch ported model. After the original units were developed and proven in the field and the use of explosives increased, word spread within the industry and many orders followed.

Explosive Gel is used extensively in the open pit mining industry as it has the advantage over other explosive materials being that it is waterproof, allowing it to be transferred into boreholes that may contain water. They also offer relative safety and stability after their production.

The Kelair Homogeniser is not really a pump as such, but more of a high-speed blender that has a specially designed slotted rotor or impeller that rotates through a stationary equally slotted stator plate mounted to the pump casing. Fluids flow through to the inlet and are sheared across and between the rotor/stator. This shearing action blends the fluids to create the explosive emulsion gel.

The Homogeniser actually creates very little flow and head and typically may have another pump feeding the ingredients in to it to be sheared and blended. This additional unit would also control the rate of shear by the speed of which the product is pushed through. The Homogeniser typically runs at 2 pole motor speeds to achieve high shear rates.

Kelair Pumps has been building the APHOS75 Homogeniser to order for over 30 years now and is in some ways an industry standard for niche market owners/operators of explosive plants both here and also internationally. Recent high demand and orders for Homogenisers has given us the opportunity to place normally long lead time castings on the shelf. This will allow us flexibility to offer reduced delivery to those clients needing Homogenisers within a relatively short time span.

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