Kelair Pumps and Idex Corporation, A 17 Year Partnership

In January 1999, Kelair Pumps added the Idex Corporation’s world-class range of pump products to its portfolio. These include:

  • Sandpiper Air-operated Double-Diaphragm
  • Viking Internal and External Gear
  • Pulsafeeder Diaphragm Metering and External Gear
  • Wrightflow Hygienic Rotary Lobe
  • Corken Vane

Since then, we have never looked back and have benefited greatly by having these products in our range. Each new Idex product has brought with it sales growth, as well as an enduring reputation for quality.

Another major benefit of Kelair’s association with Idex Corporation is its commitment to research and developing both new pumping products and improving existing ones, thus ensuring up-to-date solutions to pumping problems.

Every month Kelair receives technical bulletins from Idex Corporation indicating improvements to pumps. These we use to the benefit of the end-user by improving pump reliability and increasing meantime between failure periods.

The Sandpiper product range has experienced significant growth since 2000, with many end-users benefiting from the features that make this product one of the most reliable in the Australian market.

These include a fully bolted design and externally serviceable and guaranteed non-stall air valve. Combined with the choice of pump designs, such as the ball valve, flap valve, spill containment, heavy duty ball valve, FDA food grade, and natural gas-driven pumps, this ensures the right pump is matched the job.

Viking Pumps, the undisputed world leader in internal and external gear pumps, has been producing gear pumps for over 90 years. They also have over 250 distributors worldwide, therefore much valuable information is available on successful applications that all end-users can utilise to design the right Viking pump for their systems.

Since January 1999, the growth of this product has been such that Kelair is now holding extra stock to accommodate demand. We look forward to supplying the market with further quality Viking pump solutions.

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