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A main terminal had some major problems with an existing magnetic drive pump, so they contacted Kelair pumps to help assist them with the issues they were facing.

The client was pumping sour water with fine solids caused by pump scale. The sour water is the wastewater that is produced from atmospheric and vacuum crude columns at refineries.

The client was using a magnetic drive centrifugal pump on sour water. When dealing with sour water it is difficult to seal which suites the sealess magnetic drive pump. The client was concerned about any external leak, which also suites the magnetic drive pump were the liquid will be contained inside of the pump in case of failure. The magnetic drive pump was struggling with the scale in the pipe work.

Magnetic drive pumps use the liquid being pumped to cool down the magnetics through internal fine passages in the pump. The scale in the liquid, will start blocking these fine passages which will reduce the cooling of the magnetic. The heat in the magnetic will cause it to expend and contact each other which in turn will cause total failure of the pump.

Kelair Pumps suggested using a Sandpiper Containment Duty Pump, as they are ideal for highly corrosive and hazardous chemicals. The Sandpiper Containment Duty Pump is exclusively designed with containment chambers to keep accidental spills from entering the air valve, protecting plant environment and personnel. The Sandpiper pump has a 6.00mm solid handling and are designed to accommodate visual, mechanical and low voltage leak detection devices making them the ideal choice for the job. The Containment Duty Pump is available in Aluminum, Cast iron, Stainless steel, Polypropylene and Kynar. The refinery had requested that they would like a stainless steel pump that had visual leak detection when pumping the sour water. Reinforcing the decision to install a Sandpiper Containment Duty Pump which catered to all the refinery requirements.

Kelair Pumps offered a pulsating dampener to be installed on the discharge side to reduce the pulsation in the line. After the excellent success with the containment duty pump, the refinery purchased another pump shortly after to service a different application.

If you require service advice please feel free to contact the Kelair Service Team on 1300 789 466 to discuss your requirements. To view our full range of Sandpiper Pumps visit our page by clicking here

Sandpiper spill containment pumps: Watch the video below to see how they work

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