Lowara Pumps for Aldi Stores

Kelair has been working with a refrigeration specialist who was contracted to replace refrigeration units in Aldi stores.

For each Aldi store, Kelair has been supplying 2 Lowara Submersible pumps Model: DOC7SG/10 which are being used to pump away condensate.

Due to their Just-in-Time purchasing, it has taken some effort to service this customer as pumps are often required the next day. However, with the co-operation of Purchasing, Internal Sales, Stores as well as our Brown Brothers Engineers ‘brothers’, we have been able to provide the quality of service needed to win over the customer. It has definitely been worth the effort, as there are over 300 Aldi stores across Australia.

Lowara DOC Series

Kelair has since supplied over 60 pump units across Sydney and Melbourne in the last 2 years.

Because of our good performance, Kelair has been invited to supply a packaged cooling water booster system which includes pumps, valves, strainers, gauges, manifolds, pressure vessels and a dual VSD pump control panel, all mounted on a common skid. With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, and our reputation for quality and excellent response times, we continue to expand our business relationship.

Lowara Pumps for Aldi Stores 2Lowara Pumps for Aldi Stores 3

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