Mine site 12-hour shut down

On 19 November, the team from Kelair's Mackay branch had just 12 hours to remove, repair and reinstall a 10” suction foot valve at the Service Water Dam while the Mine was shutdown.

Watch this race against the clock unfold in pictures.....

200 X 200 - 500 Hyro Titan Pump installed approximately 5 m above water line. The suction line is 10" poly.

The suction line is tethered to a pontoon approximately 20m from the shoreline. Access to pontoon is by boat only.

There wasn't much room for a Franna to move

The flange is unbolted and the lifting and dragging to shore begins.

The Franna pivots from side to side to drag the pipe assembly out of the dam

After about 8 grabs with the crane, the foot valve is out of the water but still in the mud...and hooked up to some random poly pipe

Out for repair

Two cranes are needed to reinstall. One holds the hose high, the other feeds it back into the dam.

Slowly back into the dam it goes

Job done. Foot valve all in position and finally secured. Note the stylish cruiser used to transport personnel to and from the pontoon.

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