On the chopping block

Time is money, and the operators of southern Queensland abattoir found they were spending far too much of both clearing out solids from blocked wastewater treatment pumps. They needed a better way to handle the solids and get back to work.

A large abattoir in the south east corner of Queensland contacted Kelair Pumps to evaluate their existing waste water treatment pumps. The company noted that the existing column pumps (one duty and a standby pump) at their water treatment plant were blocking up with increasing regularity.

Once blocked, the pump had to be isolated and lifted in and out from the sump to clean the inlet of the pump. This was not only costly but also a time consuming exercise every time a pump became blocked.

Kelair Pumps suggested replacing the existing pumps with a solids handling self-primimg pump. From the outset the 150 mm suction/discharge self-priming pump had a much larger solid handling capability than the installed column pumps. The design allows free passage of hard solids with a maximum size of 3 inches.

The pumps have now been installed for several months and have performed well above expectations. The customer is especially pleased with the incorporated inspection cover located on the pump casing. The freeing-up of large rags from the pumps now takes only minutes. The overall installation success of the solids handling pumps has made the wastewater treatment plant more effective and reliable than in the past.

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