Pump servicing capabilities almost limitless

With round-the-clock workshops, mobile service vehicles and a can-do philosophy, the Kelair Pumps servicing team has near limitless capabilities and reach throughout Australia.

The servicing team, situated across multiple states, repairs a vast range of pumps and accessories both on-the-road and in-house.

The New South Wales and Queensland teams discuss some of the servicing capabilities available at Kelair.

On the road
Kelair has a national fleet of mobile vehicles and highly qualified staff that provide national servicing coverage.

In NSW, a team of five servicemen manages the external servicing needs of Kelair’s customers throughout the whole state, including rural areas.

Kelair Regional Manager for NSW, Anthony Sidawi, said, “Our NSW team usually handles submersible pumps in sewage pits and stormwater pits.

“They can service cold water booster pumps, hot water circulating pumps, irrigation pumps, sewage treatment plants, diesel hydrant pumps, sprinkler pumps and all industrial pumps. Kelair also does site alignment for pumps.

“We have five service trucks, with cranes on most of the trucks and lifting capability if it’s required. The trucks are fitted with the stock necessary to carry out the various servicing tasks.”

The Brisbane and Mackay sites service the entire state of Queensland, though they have also sent teams to other states when the need arose.

In Queensland, servicemen will even take commercial flights to remote areas when it is required.

Kelair State Manager for QLD, Myro Bratkovic, said the Queensland team could service all industrial, mining, building and fire pumps.

“In addition to being able to handle the same jobs and equipment as the NSW office, our Queensland team does mine site service work and can repair slurry pumps.”

“We also service two municipal sewage treatment plants from our Mackay operation,” Mr Bratkovic said.

QLD has four fully equipped service vehicles – one in Brisbane and three in Mackay. In Mackay there is also a dedicated mine-spec service vehicle fitted with a hydraulic crane.

In-house servicing
Kelair Pumps also has in-house facilities for equipment and pump repairs, capable of equipment and system upgrades up to current codes and standards.

Workshops in Perth, Tasmania, Sydney, Mackay, and Brisbane offer 24-hour onsite support and can make and modify parts and assemblies according to the requirements of customers.

In NSW, the in-house team can repair a vast range of pumps either sold by Kelair or other pump companies.

Mr Sidawi said Kelair could repair anything from ¼” diaphragm pumps to 150kW submersible pumps, with the only limit being the crane capacity of 5t.

“We test most of the pumps before they leave our facility. As a minimum, we hydrostatically test a pump, but we can also performance test the pump and generate a pump curve for the client.”

The Queensland facilities are similar, though they have repaired submersible pumps up to 440kW.

Mr Bratkovic said, “Our Mackay crane is 20t, so we have capacity to handle larger equipment. We hydro test only, except for air diaphragm pumps, which are fully wet tested and certified.”

A can-do philosophy
Mr Bratkovic said Kelair was dedicated to fulfilling its customers’ needs, no matter how large or small.

“We don’t limit ourselves to only doing pump repairs. We repair valves, gearboxes and electric motors. We look after anything to do with pumps, pump systems or ancillaries.”

“Our approach in QLD is that if the client has a need and we can provide a solution through service, then we’ll do it.

“I have had team members drive mini-excavators to perform emergency repairs – because we care for our clients and can provide a one-stop solution.

“We’ve also done concreting, metal fabrication, pipework supports, hose and pipe installation, grated floor and hand-rail repairs, oil and filter changes, and valve installation.”

Taking a preventative approach to maintenance, including routine visits sometimes as often as on weekly basis, Kelair aims to ensure its customers’ equipment stays online.

Mr Sidawi said Kelair’s extensive product knowledge and superior office sales support made it stand out from the competition.

Kelair sees itself as ready, willing and able to carry out any job a customer requests.

“We do not have any limitation – as long as it is safe to do so, we will get the job done,” said Mr Sidawi.

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