Redefining the Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Sandpiper's 2" Heavy Duty Non-Metallic Air Operated Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump is designed for ease of installation and maintenance and to tackle some of the most common issues in mine dewatering, general industrial and chemical transfer.

The design focus was air efficiency and lowest maintenance. So what has been achieved?

  • Industry leading air efficiency. We have yet to come across an air operated diaphragm pump with better air consumption. In fact savings of up to 40% against some competitors are possible. Real savings in power costs!
  • Increased flowrate of up to 567 l/min.
  • Maintenance in the field is simple, with externally serviceable flap modules and Sandpiper's signature ESADS+Plus air valve design. You can maintain the pump air valves and flap valves without removing the pump from the pipe connections saving valuable downtime.
  • The new pump is robust for use in demanding applications, yet at 24kgs, is lightweight enough to be safely and easily transported.
  • Operates regardless of its installation position, even on uneven surfaces making installation in cramped or underground environments simple.
  • Is fitted with a hanging point, handles for lifting and mounting feet, allowing for an array of different mounting options and easy manual handling.
  • Handles solids up to 46mm so blockages and downtime due to solids in the liquid are minimised.
  • Proven diaphragm design and exclusive wear pads to reduce plate abrasion hence extending diaphragm life with real savings in operating costs.
  • Strengthened heavy duty manifold connections to prevent damage caused by overtightening or hose and pipe stress minimising maintenance costs.

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