Sandpiper have taken the next step, making the best even better

Sandpiper has always been a leader in reliability, superior features, air motor performance, and outstanding customer support. Their 2" and 3" Metallic Standard Duty pumps now have taken the next step...making the best even better.

Sandpiper has long been a leader in the AODD Market, and now they have announced the EVOLUTION Line of Standard Duty Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. Using the application of advanced engineering methods, Sandpiper has improved upon the trusted and proven product designs of their Standard Duty pumps. Standard Duty does not mean under performing. Sandpiper’s Standard Duty line outperforms the competition while requiring less maintenance time than the competition and being fully interchangeable with previous models.

What is the Sandpiper Evolution?

The Sandpiper Evolution refers to performance changes made to the Sandpiper 2 inch & 3 inch aluminium, cast iron and stainless-steel pumps known as the S20 and S30 models. The Evolution badge means these pumps now have optimized performance without sacrificing proven Sandpiper reliability.

The S20 & S30 model pumps now genuinely boast:
· Increased maximum flow rate
· Lowered air consumption
· Improved efficiency

With these improvements, Sandpiper have made the best pumps even better.

What did Sandpiper do it?

Both maximum flow rate and air consumption have been improved by optimizing hydraulic efficiencies of their existing Standard Duty pump designs.

At a glance
· The Sandpiper S20 2inch Pump now has its maximum flow rate increased from 568 LPM to a class leading 750 LPM. Making it a 25% improvement in maximum flow rate over the previous design.
· The Sandpiper S30 3inch Pump now has its maximum flow rate increased from 890 LPM to 1079 LPM. Making it a 20% improvement in maximum flow rate over the previous design.

That’s 40% less air consumed by the new Evolution Models.

How Sandpiper measures up against its competitors?

Evolution beats the competition:
· Up to 32% Higher Max Flow Rate
· Up to 67% Less Air Consumption
· Up to 3 Time Better Air Economy
· 5 Minute Pilot Valve Repair / Replace vs 55+ Minutes for Most Competitors

See the head to head results of Sandpiper vs the competition

The Evolution Sandpiper S20 & S30 Pumps are available from Kelair now. Learn more about them here. Please enquire on 1300 789 466 or with your friendly Kelair Sales Representative.

The Evolution continues now with Sandpiper's new Metallic range. To read more click here

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