Saving thousands with optimum pump configuration

How did a state-of-the-art aquarium construction company save over $56K on a new Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) pumping system, while also orchestrating the new works between Australia and China?

The company’s original site was pumping MMA (used to make glass), via a series of stainless steel side channel pumps. With a recent acquisition of a site in China, they were keen to replicate this system overseas.

Kelair Pumps Australia was approached to bid on supplying the pumps, however, when reviewing the company’s requirements, the team at Kelair noticed that there was room for cost savings and a reduction in energy requirements.

Mohamad Allam, Industrial Sales Engineer NSW, said that despite the original pump configuration performing well for its desired application, the selection of pumps involved were very expensive and required a significant amount of energy to run.

“Stainless steel side channel pumps are costly, and the client was initially after six pumpsets in total for their new site. This would have equated to over $100,000 and would have also required six 15kW motors to operate.

According to Mr Allam, before suggesting pump and set-up alternatives, they wanted to initially gain a clear picture of exactly what was required at the new site.

“The client was travelling frequently between Australia and China, so we worked around their schedule to set up meetings and phone calls to better understand their requirements.

“With added research from our end, we were then able to determine alternative design solutions.

“We provided these in a timely manner, and the client was really pleased with our efficiency as well as attention to detail.

“As they worked towards confirming the design that they wanted, we offered them many quotes for different options and combinations to ensure that they had complete design knowledge to make an informed decision.”

The client eventually opted to move to a new type of pump and configuration, says Mr Allam, resulting in large cost savings and a reduction in energy required to run the pumps.

“Five, identical Grundfos CRN15-04 Mag Drive pumpsets were chosen by the client, reducing the amount of spares required to maintain the pumps.

“The pumps would then be run at different speeds to achieve the individual duty points depending on the site’s requirements at any given time.

“The new Grundfos pumps provided a major cost saving, with all five pumps saving over $56,000 from the original pump configuration cost. Motor power was then also able to be reduced to 4kW motors.”

“This was a great success, says Mr Allam, not only for the client, but also for our team at Kelair.

“We strive to find the very best solution for each of our clients, one that achieves their aims while also reducing on costs and energy consumption. It’s a delicate balance, however our team has a sound base of knowledge to draw from, and it is this that allows us to think outside the square to get the best results.”

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