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Kelair was approached by an oil & gas provider to select pumps for a Hydrocarbon Condensate transfer application in an Australian Gas Centre.

The duty point was 128 l/min @ 963kpaG TDH based on SG 0.83 & viscosity 4.78 cP.

The preference was for a helical rotor pump as the client had applied helical rotor pump previously to Condensate transfer with good results. However, the NPSHA was very low & only 0.6m available. This is below the NPSHR of any helical rotor pump & so Kelair sought another option.

We selected a SERO SRZS 443 Combination Pump, which is a combination of a very low NPSHR centrifugal impeller & a 4 stage side channel pump. The impeller is employed to overcome the entrance pressure loss of the side channel pump & discharge pressure is developed by the side channel component of the pump.

This type of pump is ideal for condensate services as it can manage low NPSHR & can develop relatively high discharge pressure by applying side channel extra stages (up to 360m). The SERO can pump entrained air/gas (up to 50%). We chose the pump because of previously successful condensate applications.

The materials of construction were ductile iron with a stainless steel shaft with ANSI300 flange connections. The pump was fitted with a Double balanced Tandem mechanical seal c/w Plan 52 Flush with 316# SS reservoir & explosion proof level switches & stand. The pump was coupled via a John Crane Metastream Coupling to a Toshiba 5.5kW 4 pole EXd 415v/50Hz motor.

As the pump was being used in a gas plant, performance & NPSH testing were required as well as material certification & factory inspection. Fortunately, SERO Pump has a strong background in oil & gas & these services were all completed at the SERO factory

The pumps were installed in 2016 & have operated since with good results

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