Servicing Submersible Pumps

When we received a call out to service a 37kw Flygt 415v submersible pump from an underground mine site, you wouldn't have believed the Before and After pictures were actually of the same pump!

The pump was operating in a very harsh environment, the anodes had completely corroded away and the pump was covered in very heavy scale.

Our first task was to remove the scale, which was encrusted to the point where it could not be removed by high pressure blasting and had to be physically removed by hand tools.

We conducted an electrical test which revealed the stator to be intact, though the cable would need to be replaced. The main problem was corrosion to aluminium parts of the pump, to the extent where the lower bearing housing had to be cut away with an angle grinder. Given the condition of the pump we had expected to replace the upper bearing housing. However, we were able to refurbish the upper bearing housing which significantly reduced the total cost of the pump.

After sandblasting the reusable parts, we replaced the bottom housing, diffuser ring, suction cover, mechanical seal, electric cable, bearings, gaskets, shims, washers and anodes. The pump was performance tested, painted and returned back overnight to the mine site it came from.

Looking at the pictures its hard to believe its the very same pump, but they are! Now the pump will the reward for all its previous hard work, which is of course...more work!

Supported by a fleet of fully equipped mobile service vehicles and highly qualified project managers, engineers and technicians, you can rely on Kelair Pumps to properly repair and maintain your critical flow management equipment, regardless of OEM. Whether it be an in-house or on-site our high quality repairs and service will keep your pumps moving. Find out more about our Service abilities here.

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