The EVOLUTION continues, now with their non-metallic range

Sandpiper is pleased to announce the release of the new S30 Non-Metallic Standard Duty Pump. This is the latest Sandpiper pump to receive the “EVOLUTION” badge which means we have optimized the performance of the previous version while maintaining port to port interchangeability.

The new S30 Non-Metallic Standard Duty pump features:

  • All Polypropylene or PVDF (Kynar) wetted construction
  • All Polypropylene and Stainless Steel non-wetted construction
    • Aluminum center section replaced with Glass-Filled Polypropylene
    • Steel mounting brackets replaced with Polypropylene or Kynar molded directly into the suction elbows
  • Comparable Maximum flow rate of 280 GPM (1060 LPM) with Graco Husky 3300 and superior to Wilden ProFlo P1500, Wilden ProFlo-Shift PS1500, and Yamada NDP-80. (ARO doesn’t make one)
  • Comparable Air Consumption to the Wilden ProFlo-Shift (PS1500) and superior to Wilden ProFlo P1500, Yamada NDP-80, and Graco Husky 3300
  • Better portability than the previous version – 24% lighter
  • The same pump pricing

For more information on the new Sandpiper Non-Metallic S30 Standard Duty Pump, please contact your local branch on 1300 789 466 or click here to view our range.

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