Viking Pump delivers product on-tap

Kelair were invited to quote a pump to transfer viscous product from an ISO tank to reactors inside the client’s factory. However, as the pumping system did not yet exist the operating parameters for the pump needed to be resolved and the pumping system built concurrently to the specification and procurement of the pump.

The plant had traditionally received product in drums which were heated, lifted and poured into the top of 4m high reactors for processing. Besides requiring a lot of material handling this was limiting production as there were a limited number of hot boxes to heat the drums. In order to increase production, the client wanted to receive product in bulk preheated ISO tanks and pump it straight into the reactors.

After we had a discussion it was decided to have a Viking Internal Gear Pump located next to the tank circulating the product through the factory via an overhead pipeline and returning to the tank. By doing it this way the product could be circulated and transferred to the reactors as and when required. The pump capacity and operating pressure was agreed and the pipeline design and construction were completed including safeguards against over pressurisation.

The pump was delivered in early 2012 and has assisted the plant to increase production efficiency and safety.

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