You can count on Sandpiper to answer all your lime slurry worries

A major gas company in Sydney had some major problems with an existing pump. The client was pumping lime slurry with a centrifugal pump. When the centrifugal pump was purchased they thought there would be traces of lime in the water (1 to 2%). After commissioning of the plant, they found that there was more than 40% lime slurry in the water which was causing regular mechanical seal failure.

After spending some time working with the client, Anthony Sidawi a representative from Kelair Pumps suggested using a standard Sandpiper diaphragm pump. The problem with this was that if the diaphragm ruptures the compressed air will mix with the lime slurry, which was unacceptable. Therefore Anthony suggested using a spill containment duty pump. This is where the pump is supplied with a containment chamber with a hydraulically balanced pumping diaphragm and driver diaphragm assembly. At the point when the pumping diaphragm fails, the pumped liquid enters the spill chamber, displacing the driver fluid. The exchange of pump fluid and driver fluid displays a colour change in the sight tube giving a visible signal. Even if the pumping diaphragm fails, the pump will be able to finish the batch/shift, until schedule maintenance is organized. Another added bonus is that there will be no external leak if the diaphragms rupture, unlike the conventional diaphragm pump.

Another reason for suggesting to go with a Sandpiper standard duty containment pump is that they offer all the following benefits when purchasing from the Sandpiper range:

  • Non stalling guarantee
  • ESADS (externally serviceable air distribution system)
  • Fully bolted design
  • Lubrication free.

All in all the client was very happy with the outcome, which resulted in the purchase of two pumps which meant it was back to business as usual.

If you require service advice please feel free to contact the Kelair Pumps on 1300 789 466 to discuss your requirements. To view our full range of Sandpiper Pumps visit our page by clicking here

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