Grundfos : DP-EF-SL1-SLV Series

Submersible drainage pumps for effluent, wastewater, process water and domestic sewage

The DP Range is designed for pumping drainage and surface water, groundwater and industrial process water without solids and fibres from farms, private housing and small industry. They are portable, free-standing use or for installation on an auto-coupling system. They are fitted with a suction strainer on which the pump stands and allows for the passage of solid particles of upto a maximum of 10mm. This strainer is also easy to dismantle in order to inspect and maintain the pumps hydraulics.

The EF Range is suitable for pumping effluent and other liquids such as drainage and surface water with small impurities, liquid manure from farms or wastewater with fibres. Also designed for use free-standing or for installation on auto-coupling system, they are fitted with an integrated three-leg stand that keeps suction inlet clear of the pit bottom. The EF pumps are capable of handling solids of up to 30mm in size.

The SLV pumps range has a SuperVortex (SLV) impeller and is ideal for liquids with a high concentration of solids, fibres, or gassy sludge, while the SL1 pumps range has a single-channel impeller and is ideal for large flows of raw sewage. The free passage through the pump varies from 50-100mm depending on the size. These pumps are designed to handle drainage water, domestic and municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: To 19.5 l/s
  • Head: To 25m
  • Temp: 0°C to +40ºC

Draining, effluent, wastewater, process water, domestic sewage

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