Grundfos : SEG Series

Grinder pumps for municipal, commercial and domestic sewage transfer

The SEG range of grinder pumps from Grundfos is specifically designed for pumping effluent and untreated sewage in small communities or sparsely populated areas with no sewer systems or where gravitation systems are unsuitable. The SEG range combines cost-effectiveness with maximum protection for the environment by facilitating the use of smaller pressure pipes for minimal investment costs.
Reduce energy consumption and keep downtime costs to a minimum, while maintaining peak performance with this Grundfos SEG Series.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: To 5 l/s
  • Jead: To 47 m
  • Temp: 0°C to +40ºC

Pumping of wastewater with toilet waste through pipes of 40mm in diameter and upwards

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