Filtering out undesirable operational costs

A leading Australian Water Filtration Plant had requested Kelair’s recommendation of a cost effective alternative pump for a polymer dosing application. The customer was satisfied with the operation of their positive displacement pump was doing, however was concerned about the high cost and the operational impact of maintenance down-time.

The customer’s operations used a hydraulic piston diaphragm type of positive displacement pump. These pumps are a complex design dosing pump based on a number of components and electronics. When parts deteriorate and require replacing it can be quite time consuming and relatively expensive.

Kelair Pumps recommended a dosing peristaltic pump from the Albin Pumps range. These pumps are characteristically easy to operate and are simply constructed with no shaft seals, valves, lobes, immersed rotors or vanes. This minimises product loss time, blockages and part replacements. There are no mechanical parts in the pumped product stream limiting any chemical compatibility concerns to the hose, which is a low-cost, low-maintenance, and easily serviceable component.

The peristaltic pump can be fitted with hoses to suit a wide hydraulic coverage. Hoses are also available in a range of materials with braided nylon reinforcement or chemically resistant tube lining to support broad chemical coverage, from abrasive to viscous fluids.

Peristaltic hose pumps have a self-priming capability and can be operated from dry-run without damage to the casings or the pump providing continuous service with limited interruption for operational maintenance and hose replacement.

The Albin peristaltic pumps have exceptionally low shear. The gentle, low pulsation pump action is ideal for shear sensitive products, such as polymers, to safeguard product quality and consistency.

Peristaltic pumps have no backflow or slip, creating a consistent flow directly proportional to the rotation speed with dosing accuracies of ±1%. Some hose types may create a noticeable pulsation in the system which are simply eliminated by a pulsation dampener.

Kelair Pumps strongly recommends the Albin Peristaltic Pumps for consistency, reliability, low maintenance and reduced down-time. Key features to bring confidence to any pumping process are:

  • Durable, low maintenance and simple pump construction
  • Accurate and repeatable dosing and metering
  • Self-priming, reversible operation and continuous dry-run capability
  • Hose parts low-cost and easily serviceable
  • Hose compatibility to chemicals, flow rates, viscosity and texture of fluids

The Water Filtration Plant installed the Albin Peristaltic Pump and is unconditionally satisfied and intent on ordering more units to guarantee the highest quality and operational safety in the polymer dosing process.

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